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The Bible on TV

https://i1.wp.com/www.tvshowsondvd.com/graphics/news3/TheBible_EpicMiniseries_DVD.jpgHave you seen The Bible? It’s lead-up time to Easter and Passover, and, true to form, TV broadcasters are turning to Bible movies. New in the genre this year is a series on The History Channel, a 10 part miniseries produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. Burnett suggested that one motivation for creating the series was to counter a growing Bible illiteracy among young people. In an interview with the Christian Science Monitor Burnett said, “In school, you have to know a certain amount of Shakespeare, but no Bible. So there’s got to be a way to look at it from a pure literature point of view. If it wasn’t for the Bible, arguably Shakespeare wouldn’t have written those stories.” Continue reading


Diane Butler Bass and the future of Christianity

Diane Butler Bass is a highly respected scholar of Christian history, and author of A People’s History of Christianity and Christianity for the Rest of Us.  In this video interview, she talks about the changes that are happening in American religious life in the 21st century, the possible implications for Christianity, and her latest book Christianity After Religion: The End of Church and the Beginning of a New Spiritual Awakening (HarperOne, 2012).

Watch the video at ChurchNext.

Diane Butler Bass

The Bible in 50 Words . . .

Interesting video from Igniter Media over on YouTube-
The Bible in 50 Words (and many of them rhyme!)

What would your 50 words be if you were telling the Bible story?
What would you include? What would you leave out?

Where’d they get the donkey?

A fun and imaginative take on the story in Mark 11:1-7:

You can find more at Applecart’s Hermeneutubes. (Thanks to revster’s ramblings for pointing me to it)

A Blessed Easter to all!

Translating the Hebrew Bible: Robert Alter

We have quoted Robert Alter’s work from time to time in the Critical Background. He is one of the most distinguished contemporary scholars of the Hebrew Bible.

This last year he was the featured speaker at the annual “Reading of the Sacred Texts” event at the Graduate Theological Union. Here’s the video of his presentation, as he reflects on the challenges and pleasures of translating the Hebrew Bible.

Robert Alter, Translating the Hebrew Bible: The Challenges and the Pleasures from GTU Archives on Vimeo.

Bible Workbench: Lent 1, February 21, 2010

Text : Deuteronomy 26:1-11

This is a video originally filmed by ABC reporter John Quinones.  It is a discomfiting look at the response in a Texas coffee shop to a woman wearing a hijab, who is refused service there.

Who here is the alien who resides among us?  The Egyptian who treated us harshly?  Our ancestor? What more might you know about being an alien or being an Egyptian than you knew before?

– Beth Harrison