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BWB: Epiphany 7: February 20, 2011

Text: Matthew 5:38-48

“Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly father is perfect.”
If I could change one translation in the entire English Bible, it would be the translation of teleios as “perfect.” Continue reading


BibleWorkbench: Epiphany 6: February 13, 2011

Text: Matthew 5:21-37

Little altars exist all over our homes and offices, informal gatherings of photos, boxes, and figurines lining mantels and bookshelves.  Some of us even have “official” altars intentionally set with sacred objects.  Visit one or two of your altars today.  What do you find there?  Who do you find there? What does your intentional or unintentional arrangement say about the God you worship?  Who, as you contemplate these tiny areas of your life, is missing?  What complaint might this missing one have against you?  What thing, little or large, might you do today to rectify the complaint – or, if the complaint is unwarranted, what might you do to truly remove its ghostly form from your inner space.

– Kathie Collins