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Update to BibleWorkbench Index

An updated version of the BibleWorkbench index of scripture texts is now available at the Educational Center website. The index includes all the scripture texts used in volumes 1-17 (1993-2010). A downloadable file is also available.

BibleWorkbench Scripture Index


Bible Workbench Extra: Exploring the “fig”

Supplemental link for Lent 3, March 7, 2010

Use this Google Books link to explore the use of the word “fig” and commentary about it in The Jewish Study Bible: Jewish Publication Society Tanakh translation by Adele Berlin, Marc Zvi Brettler, Michael A. Fishbane to see if it adds to your understanding of figs, the tree, Jesus and his parable in Luke 13:1-9.

– Caren Goldman

Bibliography now available on BWB site

Each issue of the Bible Workbench includes a bibliography of  suggested books for further study on the scripture and theology. Now you can find a more extended bibliography on the website:

Bible Workbench Bibliography