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Posting from our home site

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We’re moving!
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We are now posting “At the Workbench” on our home site at the Educational Center website (www.educationalcenter.org).

In case you missed the last couple of of posts, you can find them at these links:

If you are a subscriber, we invite you to subscribe to the new location. We will soon cease publishing here at WordPress.


We’re moving soon!

BibleWorkbench“At the Workbench” has been hanging out here on WordPress since March of 2009, but we’re in the process of moving soon. The website at our host, the Educational Center (www.educationalcenter.org) has been getting tuned up and refreshed recently, and we are moving toward hosting this blog in-house.

For a while, we’ll be posting new items both here and on the Ed Center site, but eventually we will move all new posts to that platform. That means that if you want to continue to follow “At the Workbench,” you’ll need to go to the new location (www.educationalcenter.org/blog/bibleworkbench-blog) and sign up again. You have the option of getting e-mail notifications or an RSS feed.

Thanks to all of you who have been following us until now. We do hope to see you “on the other side”!

Training Session with Bill Dols Added!

Additional Training Session!

Training with
the Reverend Dr. William L. Dols, Jr.

Educational CenterBill Dols, founding editor of BibleWorkbench, (bio) will be leading an Educational Center Maieutic Method Training seminar in Charlotte, NC on June 15 -16, 2012

Details:  $50 per person includes the workshop, all materials, Friday supper and Saturday box lunch.

  • Friday, June 15 ~ 6:00 – 9:00 PM
  • Saturday, June 16 ~ 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Location: Myers Park Baptist Church
1900 Queens Road, Charlotte,  NC  28207
Location Map

Capacity is limited. Reserve your space early!    Contact us Continue reading

Training with Bill Dols in June

Dr. Bill DolsBill Dols, founding editor of BibleWorkbench, (read his bio) will be leading an Educational Center Maieutic Method Training seminar in Charlotte, NC on June 1 (evening) and June 2 (8:30 – 3:00), 2012. Cost: $50 includes the workshop, materials, and supper and box lunch.

Capacity is limited so reserve your space early! For more information and reservations: Contact us

Our method is called maieutic, from the Greek, referring to one who assists and supports the birth of a new child. The Maieutic facilitator aids the groups’ participants via a disciplined posing of questions. Maieutic Method Training is used by leader/facilitators of BibleWorkbench and by educators, psychologists, and workshop and planning session facilitators across many disciplines and industries. Read more here: The Method

Changes at the Educational Center

If you haven’t seen it, the April newsletter for the Educational Center (publisher of BibleWorkbench) is available on the Educational Center website.

The Educational Center

The big news is that there is a new Executive Director of Operations at the Center, Becky Rizzo. Board Chair Tillie Tice writes:

I am pleased to announce Becky Rizzo as the new Executive Director of Operations for The Educational Center. Becky’s responsibilities will include general management of all functions of the organization. Most specifically her charges are to: increase the visibility of the organization; promote the work of the Center; strengthen our financial position; and help formalize our fundraising effectiveness. Continue reading

Lenten Issue Available

The Educational Center has produced a special edition of BibleWorkbench for the Lenten season 2011. It contains studies for each of the Sundays of Lent, from March 13, 2011 through Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011. These are the same quality designs from our regular edition of BibleWorkbench in an edition useful for churches planning special Lenten study.

With provocative questions designed by our talented writers, with parallel readings from Wendell Berry, Matthew Fox, John Sanford, T.S. Eliot and many more, and with unsurpassed scholarship, BibleWorkbench Lenten Issue is offered for $25.00 and will be available before Ash Wednesday (March 9). Go to the Educational Center website for more information.

Visiting home base

Since I last posted here, I had the opportunity to travel to Charlotte, NC, and to meet with the staff of the Educational Center, the folks that publish BibleWorkbench. Sheila Ennis, Executive Director of the Center, and Melissa Meyer, our office staff person (whose gracious presence many of you have met over the phone as you have called the center) and I spent a productive couple of days talking about how to make BibleWorkbench more attractive and useful for our readers. Watch for some significant changes coming your way, especially as we begin a new year at the end of November.

Most evident will be the shift from seven issues a year to six. We have been roughly paralleling the Revised Common Lectionary readings that are shared by many churches. Due to the nature of the church year, and especially the differing length of the period between Advent and Lent, issues of BibleWorkbench varied greatly in the number of sundays they would include.

We will continue to draw our texts from the Revised Common Lectionary, but rather than trying to set the issues by the church seasons, we will publish six issues a year. All the Sundays will be included, but the issues will be more uniform in size and allow us to have a more regular publishing schedule.

Watch for more changes coming your way and be sure to let us know how they work for you!