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Posting from our home site

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We’re moving!
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We are now posting “At the Workbench” on our home site at the Educational Center website (

In case you missed the last couple of of posts, you can find them at these links:

If you are a subscriber, we invite you to subscribe to the new location. We will soon cease publishing here at WordPress.


We’re moving soon!

BibleWorkbench“At the Workbench” has been hanging out here on WordPress since March of 2009, but we’re in the process of moving soon. The website at our host, the Educational Center ( has been getting tuned up and refreshed recently, and we are moving toward hosting this blog in-house.

For a while, we’ll be posting new items both here and on the Ed Center site, but eventually we will move all new posts to that platform. That means that if you want to continue to follow “At the Workbench,” you’ll need to go to the new location ( and sign up again. You have the option of getting e-mail notifications or an RSS feed.

Thanks to all of you who have been following us until now. We do hope to see you “on the other side”!

Don’t forget the BibleWorkbench Store!

Each issue of BibleWorkbench is full of short selections from current and classic books on Bible study, theology, contemporary culture, literature, poetry and more. Intrigued by something you’ve seen in Parallel Readings or Critical Background? The BibleWorkbench store at makes it easy to find the sources of materials in each issue, as well as other books by BibleWorkbench writers and editors.

The store has just been updated with listings from Volume 18, issue 2, which covers the Sundays from January 30 to March 27, 2011.

Update to BibleWorkbench Index

An updated version of the BibleWorkbench index of scripture texts is now available at the Educational Center website. The index includes all the scripture texts used in volumes 1-17 (1993-2010). A downloadable file is also available.

BibleWorkbench Scripture Index

Lenten Issue Available

The Educational Center has produced a special edition of BibleWorkbench for the Lenten season 2011. It contains studies for each of the Sundays of Lent, from March 13, 2011 through Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011. These are the same quality designs from our regular edition of BibleWorkbench in an edition useful for churches planning special Lenten study.

With provocative questions designed by our talented writers, with parallel readings from Wendell Berry, Matthew Fox, John Sanford, T.S. Eliot and many more, and with unsurpassed scholarship, BibleWorkbench Lenten Issue is offered for $25.00 and will be available before Ash Wednesday (March 9). Go to the Educational Center website for more information.

Editors and Writers in Charlotte

This past week we held our annual Editors and Writers meeting at the Educational Center offices in Charlotte. Each year, this gathering gives the folks who write and edit BibleWorkbench the opportunity to catch up with one another, to learn what’s new with BibleWorkbench, and to consider what directions we might take in the coming months. Continue reading

BWB Training Workshop in Charlotte, NC, October 9


Flying Free - Caryl Bryer Fallert - Quilt 22” X 22” -

Are you looking for excellence in Bible Study? Have you heard of BibleWorkbench and want to know more? Are you leading a BibleWorkbench group and want to sharpen your skills? Do you want to explore your own story through God’s stories?

Join us and experience the biblical stories at the deepest level using open-ended questions, art, literature and film to bring the ancient texts to life. Prepare to be transformed.

COST: $40.00 includes lunch

LEADERS: Reverend D. Andrew Kille, PhD – Editor of BibleWorkbench BibleWorkbench Contributors and Associate Editors

Saturday October 9, 2010, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Myers Park Baptist Church, 1900 Selwyn Avenue, Charlotte, NC

To register or for questions contact:
or online at ~ Phone: 800.624.4644 ~ 704.375.1161
Sponsored by The Educational Center ~1801 East 5th Street ~ Charlotte, NC