We’re moving soon!

BibleWorkbench“At the Workbench” has been hanging out here on WordPress since March of 2009, but we’re in the process of moving soon. The website at our host, the Educational Center (www.educationalcenter.org) has been getting tuned up and refreshed recently, and we are moving toward hosting this blog in-house.

For a while, we’ll be posting new items both here and on the Ed Center site, but eventually we will move all new posts to that platform. That means that if you want to continue to follow “At the Workbench,” you’ll need to go to the new location (www.educationalcenter.org/blog/bibleworkbench-blog) and sign up again. You have the option of getting e-mail notifications or an RSS feed.

Thanks to all of you who have been following us until now. We do hope to see you “on the other side”!


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