Between the Lines: Proper 16- August 25, 2013

Text: Luke 13:10-17

Elder Nepalese woman doing circumambulations o...

Elder Nepalese woman bent with arthritis, doing circumambulations of the Boudha Stupa, Kathmandu
(Photo credit: Wonderlane)

And ought not this woman, a daughter of Abraham whom Satan bound for eighteen long years, be set free from this bondage on the sabbath day?’

This is the only place in the entire Bible where someone is referred to as “a daughter of Abraham.” Plenty of references to “a son of Abraham,” but not a woman. How do you suppose the synagogue leader feels when he hears Jesus say such an audacious thing? And the others who are standing about observing? And how do you imagine the woman, herself, feels when called out in this way? As she “breaks the glass ceiling” imagine all the great possibilities that suddenly fill her dreams. How might her life as a Jewish woman now be filled with new promise?  After she gets her breath, what about the cost? What is the price she is going to pay for being singled out and named in this unique way? Not unlike the cost and promise of standing up straight. What does she sacrifice by giving up 18 years of being bent over? For all the new world now open to her, what is the price she is going to pay?

As well as for us. When you consider the “new you” who greets the world in a spirit filled and open way, ponder the cost to be paid for coming out of hiding and looking the world in the eye. Resurrection always includes some dying. As your inner bent over one faces the possibilities, it is important to remember that before every Easter there is a Good Friday.

– Bill Dols

“Between the Lines” is excerpted from BibleWorkbench, a weekly resource for engaging the biblical story in a new way published by the Educational Center in Charlotte, NC.  For details and subscription information, see  About BibleWorkbench.


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