Is a Bad God Better than No God At All?

In a recent blog posting, an old friend, Bruce Epperly, ponders whether some of our ways of imagining God need to be discarded:

Getup Get God

Getup Get God
(Photo credit: prettywar-stl)

Donald Trump is noted for telling people, “You’re fired!”  While I do not advocate religious uniformity and recognize the good faith of those who differ radically from me in theology and practice, I believe that some of our gods should be “fired” and replaced by healthier and more life-supporting visions of God.

A pluralist society in which people find ways to affirm diversity, reach compromise, and work together despite differences requires a different image of truth and divinity.  Briefly put, a healthy society requires religious and political humility, grounded in a clear recognition of the insights of those who differ from us and a confession of our own finitude, error, and imperfection.  The most important truth that can be uttered in religion and politics is “This I believe, but I could be wrong in parts” and “I differ from you, but there may be truth in your position.”

You can read more of his excellent comments over at


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