Between the Lines: Pentecost 22: October 28, 2012

Text: Mark 10:46-52

"Lord, that I might see!"

“Lord, that I might see!”
(Photo credit: Squiggle)

Then Jesus said to him, “What do you want me to do for you?”

The blind man said to him, “My teacher, let me see again.”

    Reflect on all the ways there are to be blind.  Look around you at your colleagues, your family, your community.  What do they not see?

Reflect on those times in your own life when you have been blind.  What did you not see?

What might you not be seeing right now?  Look more closely.  How might you go about seeing again?  What mercy might you need in order to see?

Ask the Blind Bartimaeus within yourself “What do you want me to do for you?”  Ask it out loud.  Then listen, perhaps for “Let me see again.”

What is it you most long to see?

– Beth Harrison

“Between the Lines” is excerpted from BibleWorkbench, a weekly resource for engaging the biblical story in a new way published by the Educational Center in Charlotte, NC.  For details and subscription information, see About BibleWorkbench.


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