Just for fun- building the Bible from Legos

Brick Testament

The Holy Ghost drives Jesus into the wilderness.
The Brick Testament

The Bible has inspired countless artistic endeavors throughout the centuries, but few are as oddly amusing as The Brick Testament. The site illustrates over 400 Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation, using only LEGO® building blocks. The stories are thoughtfully labeled N, S, V, and C to allow those who might be offended by nudity, sexual content, violence or cursing to avoid them (though it must be said that their translation into the Lego world does tone them down greatly)

Take a look at the story of Solomon asking for wisdom in 1 Kings 3 (the Old Testament reading for this coming Sunday).

All this is a project by the Reverend Brendan Powell Smith, who describes himself as “not an ordained member of any earthly church, and widely regarded as being both highly presumptuous and extremely vain.”

And, lest you doubt that all this can be accomplished without extensive modification of standard Lego pieces, he assures us that “Everything but the background sky is indeed built out of LEGO brand building blocks. There are a few select instances where Rev. Smith has resorted to modifying LEGO pieces with a hobby knife or permanent ink marker, but the vast majority of everything you see in The Brick Testament are unaltered LEGO parts from sets that date from the 1960s up to the present day. ”

As you browse through the stories at The Brick Testament, what do you learn about them that you did not notice before? How do you find the stories changed by the demands of using building blocks to tell them? If you have access to blocks of your own, you might try telling a favorite story of your own.


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