Whose Bible Is It?

Bruce Gourley at the Baptist Studies Bulletin muses about who “owns” the Bible:

Growing up in church, I collected a number of Bibles by my teenage years. There were many Bibles in our house, and to distinguish my scripture from those of my parents or brother, I would write my name on the inside cover or one of the pages thereafter.

College, seminary and some years of ministry passed before I fully realized the inadvertent symbolism of the now-worn Bibles bearing my name: scripture is molded by individual believers, whether consciously or not. The reader, in short, becomes the owner of the text.

He explores how the Bible is read to support all manner of individual perspectives, but then notes:

Many of us own the Bible in both dimensions: at times we force scripture to reflect our personal prejudices or desires, and in other instances we permit it to feed the “better angels of our nature.”

You can find the full column at the Baptist Studies Bulletin.


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