Between the Lines: Pentecost 15: Proper 21- September 25, 2011

Text: Philippians 2:1-13

Many scholars suggest that much of the text is a hymn, sung perhaps antiphonally.  It was music, both familiar and moving to those who would hear it.  I wonder about the role of music in the working out of your spiritual life, how it might enable or reassure or help move you out of your selfish ambition or into a fuller accord.  What kind of music cuts through to some deeper place in you?  What music “does it” for you?

I grew up in a tradition that had a “hymn sing” every Sunday night.  The theology in some of those hymns made me uncomfortable even then, when I thought about it, but the sense of community it evoked could move me past theology or thought to something else.  Many years later, those hymns still make me weep.

Remember the songs, the music that moves you to that place past thinking and doing.  Sing the songs, when no one can hear but you.  Or put on that CD that occasionally blindsides you and takes you out of your small self into that larger one.  Listen… to it, to yourself.

– Beth Harrison


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