Between the Lines: Pentecost 8: Proper 14- August 7, 2011

Text: Matthew 14:22-33

What do recall of a time in your life when you stepped from a boat or firm land – from safety and security – into the waters of uncertainty and risk? Whose voice called you? How might the call have come from a deep place within you? Once on the water what was the strong wind you noticed and the fear that preceded the sinking? How were you sinking? To whom did you call? Who or what kept you from drowning? At this stage in your life what provides you with such safety and security? What voice calls for you to step out of or beyond to do the impossible? What or who is it that is keeping you dry in your boat? What might happen on the water that can never happen as long as you stay in the boat? What is the strong wind beyond that stirs your fear? What would sinking be like? Whose hand might await as you sink that you will never touch as long as you remain in the boat?

– Bill Dols


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