Between the Lines: Pentecost 5: Proper 11

Text: Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

In the same way that I’ve had to learn not to pluck the wiry grey hairs that sprout unbidden on my scalp lest I go bald, I’ve had to learn not to reject the less appealing parts of my personality lest I lose the wholeness of self. As with a weedy garden, non-toxic attempts at eradication are temporary at best anyway, and my energies might be better spent learning how to work with the stubborn aspects of my nature while focusing on nurturing the growth of more positive qualities. Which is not to say that I ignore my faults or let them run the show, but rather that I am more tolerant of them, occasionally amused by their antics, and, once in a great while, amazed to see that one of them has blossomed into a beautiful flower.

– Kathie Collins


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