Between the Lines: Lent 3: March 27, 2011

Text: John 3:1-17

“Those who worship (God) must worship in spirit and in truth”

The word for “truth” in Greek, aletheia. is worth pondering.  It’s a compound word, a-letheia; “a” is a negation, “lethe” means “forgotten” (think of the river Lethe of Greek mythology).  Etymylogically, “truth” means “Unforgotten”, “not forgotten”, “remembered”.  The sense of it is that we know deeply what is “true”, but forget.  To know the truth is to remember what we have forgotten, to say “ah, yes, I remember that!”, to let go of our tendency to forget or fudge or pretend or ignore.  We recognize the truth because we already know it.

What would it be like to worship, to take the holy seriously, to be present to the deep truths of our lives in spirit and in our remembered selves?  What is it that we have forgotten about ourselves, about God?  What do we need to remember?

– Beth Harrison


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