“Shaving with a banana”

Using anything but the King James Version,” said Chris Huff, the church’s pastor, “is like shaving with a banana.”

You may know by now that this year marks the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. For many (not including the writers and editors of BibleWorkbench), the KJV is the only valid translation of the Bible.

The rather vivid quote above comes from an article in the Chicago Tribune, which also quotes a parishioner of Pastor Chris Huff’s church as saying: “When I’m looking for a church, the King James Bible is non-negotiable.”

Now, I’ll confess that I ran across this report by way of another website I read regularly- Get Religion, which offers careful critique of the ways that religion is represented in the media. Contributor Sarah Pulliam Bailey is not pleased with many of the unsubstantiated statements made by the writer.

What do you think of the King James Version? Is there a version that you consider essential in your own faith journey? What is it that appeals to you about it?


One response to ““Shaving with a banana”

  1. The King James Version is so tainted by the influence of the King who paid for it — and the fear of translators to write anything that would ruffle his majesty’s feathers — that it is completely unfaithful to the Gospel teachings about power and relationships with authority. And to cling to it rejects centuries of God-driven research and greater understanding as God’s sons and daughters became better informed.

    Of course, as a “little old lady” in the Ladies Bible Class taught for decades by my best friend’s Mother objected when the teacher brought a contemporary, scholarly translation , “The King James Version was good enough for Jesus Christ, and so it’s good enough for me.”

    An appropriate level of knowledge!

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