BWB: Epiphany 8: February 27, 2011

Text: Psalm 131

The “Songs of Ascent” in the Psalms are thought to have been song sung by pilgrims on their way up to Jerusalem (since Jerusalem and the Temple were built on top of a hill, one always went “up” to the Temple). These Psalms (120-134) frequently mention Jerusalem or the Temple, and are short, perhaps easily memorized by pilgrims.

What do you know of singing a song that captured a moment, or lifted your expectations, or reminded you of past joys? Perhaps a carol, or a solemn processional hymn, or something you heard on the radio that touched you deeply and goes with you on your way?

How does a song work on you to change your mood, to raise your anticipation, to help you bond with others on the same journey? What song echoes in your heart and mind today?

– Andy Kille


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