BibleWorkbench: Advent 4: December 19, 2010

Text: Matthew 1:18-25

Let your mind float for a minute to explore ways you envision Joseph at the beginning of this story. What free associations gather around righteous? List these words. Now think of Joseph after his dream of the angel. Free-associate words to describe him at this point. After you write them down, compare the two lists. How are they alike? How is the Joseph you’ve described after the dream different?

In our day, angels rarely come to us in or out of dreams to set us on a new road in life. But we still may know something about change-demanding experiences like Josephʼs. When may your life have been called from a routine, righteous, and responsible course to a whole new one? Would you ascribe this call to an experience, an encounter with another person, or to an explosive new idea that changed your way of thinking and being? Why may you have decided at this point to leave normal life behind and follow the new direction? What may that decision have cost you? What may it have given you? Or why may you have held to your original direction? How may this decision have been right for you? What regrets may have ensued?

Suppose an angel—or a demanding challenge—came to you in a dream tonight. Would you do as Joseph did when he awoke from sleep?

– Caroline Wohlforth


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