Bible Workbench: Advent 3, December 12, 2010

Text: James 5:7-10

Today’s reflection asks what you know of an inner “grumbler.” The same question might be asked of an inner “prophet” who is characterized by “patience and suffering.” What can you say about these inner characters in the ongoing drama that you are? What recollections do you have of your childhood or adolescent “grumbler” who was unhappy and unfulfilled, a ready and vocal judge of the others? You were grumbling about what and whom? What do you remember of the emergence of another part of you that appeared as “patience and suffering”? You experimented with suffering and patience rather than grumbling through what experiences as you grew and matured? What is an issue in your life today that invites a conversation or battle between your inner “grumbler” and “prophet”? Name the issue in your office, school, community, family or love life, with your parents, children or siblings that is challenging your ability to be patient and testing your endurance of suffering. How does your inner “grumbler” respond to the wisdom of your inner “prophet”? What are some of the symptoms of this inner dialogue that appear in the way you sleep and dream, eat and drink, work and play? How does their inner struggle face you in the bathroom mirror in the morning?

– Bill Dols


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