Editors and Writers in Charlotte

This past week we held our annual Editors and Writers meeting at the Educational Center offices in Charlotte. Each year, this gathering gives the folks who write and edit BibleWorkbench the opportunity to catch up with one another, to learn what’s new with BibleWorkbench, and to consider what directions we might take in the coming months.

One of the most energizing and inspiring things we do at the meeting is to take a look at some of the upcoming texts for the next year. Each writer brings a text to the group and describes the questions he or she has begun to shape to bring the story to life. We then work the text together, highlighting possible approaches, questions, and nonverbal exercises that might help to create the “bubble” of the story into which participants can enter. It is truly remarkable how even the most familiar texts can open up new insights and perspectives, and it reminds us all why we do this work.

We spent quite a bit of time asking how we might develop closer connections with our readers and users. We appreciate the feedback we get from our subscribers and love to learn about how BibleWorkbench groups use the materials. Let us know how we’re doing!

This year’s meeting also included a Training Workshop. A dozen people from the Charlotte area attended the full day of learning about “the method” — the approach developed by the Educational Center that provides the basis for BibleWorkbench, and practicing writing their own questions about a text. Be sure to check the Educational Center website for announcements of upcoming training opportunities.


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