Visiting home base

Since I last posted here, I had the opportunity to travel to Charlotte, NC, and to meet with the staff of the Educational Center, the folks that publish BibleWorkbench. Sheila Ennis, Executive Director of the Center, and Melissa Meyer, our office staff person (whose gracious presence many of you have met over the phone as you have called the center) and I spent a productive couple of days talking about how to make BibleWorkbench more attractive and useful for our readers. Watch for some significant changes coming your way, especially as we begin a new year at the end of November.

Most evident will be the shift from seven issues a year to six. We have been roughly paralleling the Revised Common Lectionary readings that are shared by many churches. Due to the nature of the church year, and especially the differing length of the period between Advent and Lent, issues of BibleWorkbench varied greatly in the number of sundays they would include.

We will continue to draw our texts from the Revised Common Lectionary, but rather than trying to set the issues by the church seasons, we will publish six issues a year. All the Sundays will be included, but the issues will be more uniform in size and allow us to have a more regular publishing schedule.

Watch for more changes coming your way and be sure to let us know how they work for you!


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