Bible Workbench: Christmas 1: December 27, 2009

Text: Luke 2:41-52

Consider the possibility that this story of Jesus and his family is also your story – an experience that happens often between parents and children but as well within your Self. What if there is part of you that is a child in the process of growing up and another part parents who are responsible for this inner child’s safety, nurture and development? What have you ever experienced of that immature part of you (pre falling in love, changing career, beginning retirement, facing serious illness) that is most often supervised and protected by the parental within as you reach a stage and dream of “traveling to Jerusalem” – crossing the boundary and stepping over a line? What have you ever known of the surprise of discovering within yourself a part or aspect or hidden dimension braving the fears of a dangerous threshold only to discover on the other side a new and exciting part of your Self – a you that both excites and terrifies your parents within? Where might there be within you even now a twelve year old who is waiting for parental permission to leave home, travel to “Jerusalem,” where he/she might find a voice and speak important truth? How do your inner parents exercise their authority of keeping you home and silent? What is the conversation between these family members that is waiting to happen within you at any age?

– Bill Dols


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