Yale Bible Classes online

Many universities have full length courses available online. Here are two classes on the Old and New Testament from Dale Martin and Christine Hayes. The listing at Open Yale Courses includes links to audio and video versions of the lectures, as well as transcripts and reading assignments. A good opportunity to get a deeper understanding of our texts.

New Testament History and Literature – Dale Martin
This course approaches the New Testament not as scripture, or a piece of authoritative holy writing, but as a collection of historical documents. Therefore, students are urged to leave behind their pre-conceived notions of the New Testament and read it as if they had never heard of it before. This involves understanding the historical context of the New Testament and imagining how it might appear to an ancient person. Professor Dale Martin specializes in the social and cultural history of the Greco-Roman world. He’s been at Yale since 1999, and taught previously at Rhodes College and Duke University.

Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible)- Christine Hayes
This course examines the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) as an expression of the religious life and thought of ancient Israel, and a foundational document of Western civilization. A wide range of methodologies, including source criticism and the historical-critical school, tradition criticism, redaction criticism, and literary and canonical approaches are applied to the study and interpretation of the Bible. Special emphasis is placed on the Bible against the backdrop of its historical and cultural setting in the Ancient Near East. Professor Christine Hayes is a specialist in talmudic-midrashic studies, and offers courses on the literature and history of the biblical and talmudic periods.


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