Bible Workbench: Advent 4, December 20, 2009

Text:  Luke 1:39-45, (46-55)

I wonder what it felt like to be the infant John in this story. One might try to find out by curling up into a fetal position in a comfortable bed and pulling a soft comforter over his head. You could do this and just stay there, quiet and curled up in the dark—safe and cared for. What greeting, what voice might wake you, causing you to leap in your confined space? How might it feel to be so awakened, to recognize and respond with all your self to an unknown voice?

I think of a time when I was visiting my parents-in-law with my two little boys. It was almost time to leave the house in Connecticut for the New York train. I was running about distractedly looking for the errant mitten, the dirty socks I had to pack, the absolutely necessary “trip toys.” Into the middle of my aimless and self-indulgent confusion came the exasperated and loving cry of my father-in-law: “Caroline, you don’t have to BE like this!” I leapt in my cocoon of distraction; I knew I could be a different Caroline; and I was.

How may you hear a voice greeting and calling you out of these darkest days of our year to be what you can be?

– Caroline Wohlforth


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