Bible Workbench: Proper 27, November 8, 2009

Text Ruth 3:1-5; 4:13-17

Ruth is one of four women explicitly named in the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew’s gospel.  She is the grandmother of David.  The other three women (Tamar, Rahab, and Bathsheba) are all women who “color outside the lines” in order to survive difficult situations.  Why might Ruth’s story be important as part of Jesus’ story?

What do you know of your own ancestors’ stories, particularly those stories that make up how you understand yourself?  What stories about the women in your family’s history do you know?

What do they tell you about who and what you are?  What do these stories demand of you in your life as you now know it?  What stories do you carry within you, what Ruth, what Naomi, what Boaz?

– Beth Harrison

  • Ruth and Boaz (Vanderbilt Art in the Christian Tradition)
  • Ruth (Biblical Art on the WWW)
  • Walk Slowly (a video meditation for Shavuot, filmed in the “Judean Hills wheat fields where Ruth and Naomi once walked”)

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