Bible Workbench: Q & A

Bible Workbench was featured recently in an article by Henry Ruddle, the “San Jose Liberal Religion and Spirituality” Examiner at  Ruddle asked Editor D. Andrew Kille several thought provoking questions about the purposes, design, and experience of BWB:

Ruddle: How does the Bible Workbench approach differ from traditional Bible study?

Kille: Our approach is based on discovering the story in a Bible text and working on bringing it to life using open questions to open up the text, invite participants to make connections to the world around them, and to explore their own inner lives and faith. There is no teacher or expert telling the group what the text says; we meet as a circle of equals. Unlike other methods, we do not try to come up with what the text “means,” try to distill some doctrinal teaching from the text, study the details of the historical background of the text, or even seek consensus among the members of the group. As much as possible, we seek to honor and value each person’s contribution, recognizing that everyone is an expert concerning their own experience.

To read the full interview, take a look at  “Bible Workbench: A tool for keeping an open mind and taking a deep look at Scripture,” on


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