Bible Workbench: Proper 23, October 11, 2009

Text: Mark 10:17-31

I teach Religion to undergraduates in a community college, where much time, energy, and thought goes into the major and degree they intend to pursue.  The single question I am most likely to hear from them (or their parents) is “But what can you do with a Religion major?”  (You can fill in the blank with another major which is not business or bio-chem, to similar effect.  English?  History?  Suppose they don’t wish to be in school at all…)

Consider for a moment that you, like this (perhaps not so young?) man, hear that to gain what you want in life you must give everything else away, the “achievement, affluence, and appearance” which are so valued by your peers and your family and your culture.  Do you really believe this?  Imagine what this might look like.  What would you have to give up?  Does it feel attractive?

Shift your thoughts and feelings for a moment, and consider what kind of life you wish for your children.  Imagine what this might look like?  What would they have to give up?  Do you really want this for them?  Stay with this for a moment.  What might this tell you?

–         Beth Harrison

Eternal life- some images to ponder:


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