Bible Workbench: Proper 20, September 20, 2009

Text: Mark 9:30-37

Today’s text gives us a passing glance into the disciples and their relationship to Jesus. Jesus is speaking to them of the dark things that are about to happen to the Son of Man. Mark tells us that the disciples do not understand what he is saying. We are then told that they were afraid to ask him. What do you suppose the fear is that prevents them from asking him to say it again or to explain? Do you imagine Jesus is aware that they do not understand? When they get to Capernaum he asks them what they have been arguing about on the way. But they were silent. They do not answer him. Why do you suppose they do not come clean and confess what is going on for them? What do these two events suggest to you about the relationship between Jesus and his disciples? What do you know of such fear and silence as part of relationships that matter in your life? Where does the distance and reticence get Jesus and the disciples? How does it color and skew your life?

– Bill Dols


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