Bible Workbench: Proper 19, September 13, 2009

Text:  Mark 8:27-38

Going into fall, the new school year and new schedule seem to raise some questions:  What is my life about?  This may be a good time to sit down with pencil and paper to analyze how I am using—or not using—my days.  I could start by reviewing or creating a week’s calendar and marking down what I did with each hour.  (Maybe I could use different colors for the most significant, difficult, joyful, constructive, negative or useless.)  Looking at how I spent the week, I ask, “Is this life worth saving?”  What might it cost me to lose it, to turn from it?  What way of using my time could be worth losing the way I live now?  Were I to take up a new life, what might it cost the people who depend on me?  What could I say to them?  I could try writing out a week’s schedule of that new life.  How might it look different from the sample week of my current life that I wrote earlier?  What in it might be significant, difficult, joyful, constructive, negative, or useless?  Might I now want to save my life as it is, or might I choose to let it die and take up this different one?  For whose sake do I really want to live?

– Caroline Wohlforth


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