Bible Workbench: Proper 16, August 23, 2009

Text: John 6:56-69

“Lord, to whom can we go?” How may this question be the one our lives depend on?  Take a big piece of paper and sit or stand in front of it with colored markers or crayons.  Relive a time of crisis in your life such as a moment of profound indecision about a career path; a time of facing a death-dealing illness; a scene when your beloved teenager tells you about a disastrous misstep.  Living again in your crisis, ask, “To whom can we go?”  Use the markers to sketch possible answers.  (Stick figures with labels are fine.)  Take time to explore all possibilities, and visit the potential outcomes of each in terms of its cost and promise.  To whom can you go?

– Caroline Wohlforth

Jesus . . . said to them, “Does this offend you?



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